Get your golden glow the safe way with a spray tan!


Spray tanning, quite simply as the name suggests, is the process of artificially tanning your skin by applying skin-safe dyes. We can honestly say there are so many benefits to obtaining your golden glow the spray tan way instead of via sun exposure both in the short and long term. Supermarkets and chemists stock row after row of home tanning products but for the very best results you should invest in a professionally sprayed tan. It’s a service we’re pleased to offer in the salon and the spray technology we use ensures you’ll end up with an even application, which means flawless coverage.

Legislation is being introduced to ban artificial tanning procedures such as sun beds and other lamp technology that causes long-term harm to the skin through the use of dangerous UV rays. Spray tanning is a much safer option and current dyes and application procedures results in a more natural looking tan than the “fake tans” of decades past.

Having a professional spray tan in the privacy and comfort of our salon gives you reassurance.  A  beauty therapist experienced in tanning application can assist you to select the dye tone and application level most suited to your skin tone because we want you walking away feeling gorgeous with your natural looking glow!

Naturally there are some hints to getting the most from your spray tan, so below we’ll let you in on our top 5 tanning tips for a lasting and beautiful tan…

1. Remember to exfoliate before coming in for your spray tanning session. Use a loofah to get rid of any dead of flaky skin before the spray to ensure you get best coverage.

2. Apply moisturiser to your skin an hour or so before your appointment. The tanning solution will hold better and your tan will have longer life.

3. If you want total coverage, go naked. If you feel more comfortable in a bikini or underwear, it’s best not to wear your best to avoid the chance of staining.

4. Remember you may need to take extra care of areas where dye is readily absorbed – such as palms, ankles, knees etc. Ask your spray tanner for advice.

5. Be guided by our directions, we’ve done this many times before and we’re wanting to work with you for a consistent and natural looking glow.

Best of all…  spray tanning means a gorgeous and safe golden glow can be yours all year round! And right here in Beerwah too, the only tanning service in town!

Keen to book a tan or even find out more about the spray tanning process? It’s easy, just call the salon on 54940032 and we’ll have you looking sun-kissed without the sun in no time!

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