Waxing – are your legs still wearing a winter coat?

For smooth spring legs, waxing is the simple answer!

Treatments are available in ½-leg, ¾-leg or full-leg waxes…


Spring is coming… and that means the opportunity to hide leg hair behind jeans, leggings and stockings is coming to an end!

If you use winter as an opportunity to avoid hair removal, don’t worry. As beauticians, we’ve seen it all before… we’ve got clients who love winter because it provides a 3-month relief from the chore of hair removal! Hmmmmm, maybe they should consider waxing…

Maintaining smooth, hair-free legs needn’t be a burdensome task though. And now, with warmer weather looming, booking an appointment for a leg-wax is a quick, fuss-free solution.

Women who wax leg hair rarely return to shaving. Regrowth is slower, softer and eventually less dense. Typically you can get 5 – 6 weeks before needing to wax again and while we can’t guarantee it’s entirely painless, we promise our skilled beauty therapists take great pride in keeping you comfortable throughout your treatment.

If you dream of having hair-free legs in time for shorts and swimsuit season… without the razor… call us on 5494 0032 to book your appointment.

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